Our history

The company F.LLI CECCHETTO started out around 30 years ago in Vazzola near Treviso, on the initiative of two brothers, Gianfranco and Graziano Cecchetto; both driven by a strong pioneering spirit and great determination, they set up a small business producing hardware and furnishing accessories, initially with the help of a few close collaborators. 

Over several years, the company became specialised in the production of slides and mechanisms for extendable tables and soon became an established name over a wider area, first expanding to the Triveneto district, and then moving into the national and international markets.
The company was constantly coming up with new ideas, many protected by patent, in order to meet the demands not only of large- scale distributors, but also of niche markets. 

After building new and larger production facilities the company was able to become more efficient, acquiring new equipment, including a last-generation laser cutting  machine for tubes that allowed it to expand and develop a new production sector: that of table frames built to customer specifications and therefore entirely customisable as regards both size and finishing.

This flexibility has proved to be the company’s real strength; non-standard parts indeed already make up almost all of its production and the trend is predicted to increase.

At the same time the prototype department was strengthened, a very important move, making it possible for the company to correct any design faults and offer customers a reliable and valid service and thus a quality product.

Thanks to the implementation of all these strategies, F.lli Cecchetto today offers a wide range of technically advanced products able to meet market needs in a sector (the furnishing sector) that looks for a competent and dynamic approach, together with top quality, excellent service and competitive prices.